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Look Fresh From Any Angle With Iridescent Sets From 8&9

Posted by Polyester Jones on Mar 3rd 2022

Look Fresh From Any Angle With Iridescent Sets From 8&9

Streetwear Brand 8&9 just restocked their dope Iridescent Combat Nylon Jacket and Jogger sets for spring 2022.

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8&9 is an independent, Miami based streetwear brand. Aesthetically 8&9 combines an aggressive anti-establishment attitude with quality design, classic sneaker colorways and re-appropriated pop culture references. The brand is heavily influenced by the beauty and grit of the Miami street scene introducing the 305 to those that aren’t in the know.

This Combat Nylon Jacket and Pants Set in this beautiful Chameleon colorway was so popular when it dropped last year, 8&9 had to bring it back because it sold out on the quick. Cut from lightweight nylon and featuring 3D pockets with high grade waterproof zippers, there is plenty of room to hide your stash. 8&9 refers to this as their Chameleon Colorway because the iridescent color changes when you change directions, but in reality, Chameleons blend in and these will make you stand out.

Brand: 8&9

Model: Iridescent Combat Nylon Chameleon Jacket, Pants

Release: Available NOW