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Let’s Talk About These Fight Club Fits From CONTENDERS

Posted by Polyester Jones on Jan 21st 2022

Let’s Talk About These Fight Club Fits From CONTENDERS

Contenders clothing just dropped these new boxer briefs in collaboration with the iconic movie Fight Club.

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Contenders Clothing is a lifestyle brand for real people. They design clothing for the contender in all of us. They call themselves “Contenders” because that’s what they are – people driven by goals with desire to achieve greatness in everything they do. The company walks it like they talk it, using only the finest fabrics combined with expert tailoring and artful design.

Hey! So we really aren’t talking about Fight Club, we’re talking about underwear so settle down Tyler. Channel your inner Tyler D in these Tyler D Moto Briefs. Every pair of Contenders boxer briefs features Contenders’ exclusive Ride Control which means no ride-ups and total comfort. This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time. Don’t sleep!

Brand: Contenders

Model: Tyler D Moto Briefs

Release: Available NOW