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It’s Time We Give More Props To PRPS

Posted by Polyester Jones on Mar 17th 2021

It’s Time We Give More Props To PRPS

Streetwear brand and legendary denim maker Prps has released a collection of cozy new styles for Spring 2021.

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In 2002 Prps single handedly started the rise of the Japanese luxury denim jeans business in America. The brand revolutionized washed & selvedge jeans, through constant research and development, changing the face of fashion as we know it. Every characteristic of every garment produced by Prps is representative of the brands penchant for meticulousness. No detail, no matter how small, goes overlooked. Prps premium jeans are “Bruised, Never Broken.”

If you are a fan of Prps it’s most like because you’ve worn a pair of their time tested denim jeans, but that’s not what they’re all about. Sure denim is what put them on the map, but lately they have been showing some love in the form of fleecewear and other casual apparel. Take this Wild Ones Short Sleeve Pullover for example It features a dope panther graphic on the front and the ‘Bruised, Never Broken’ mantra on the back and you can complete the look with a pair of matching shorts.

Brand: Prps

Model: Wild Ones SS Pullover Grey, Shorts

Release: Available NOW