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Conquer All Fears With CULTURE OF BRAVE

Posted by Polyester Jones on Feb 22nd 2022

Conquer All Fears With CULTURE OF BRAVE

We take a deep dive into premium sneaker brand Culture Of Brave and check out some of their upscale Italian silhouettes.

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Designed and made in Italy, Culture of Brave, aka (COB) is a luxury sneaker brand that was created to help you celebrate every courageous step you take. Offering premium silhouettes for both men and women, the brand was built with a founding principle to honor courage because when faced with challenges, courage is the all-inclusive virtue that moves us forward, no matter the circumstance. Because wings are a metaphor of freedom they were incorporated into the COB logo, with the shape of the wings specifically designed to mirror a pair of feet on the ground. The company will never compromise on quality, which is why they partnered with Roberta Grilo, an industry renowned, celebrated and famed sneaker designer who currently resides in Genoa, Italy. Culture Of Brave is a premium brand that encourages believing in yourself and holding onto your courage when every part of you wants to run away. Step In Courage!

These High-cut Individual Courage sneakers in Olive were built to fulfill everything you desire in both comfort and style. Designed with additional padding on the back and Sardinian cork midsoles, they also feature a leather upper, full leather lining, iron eyelets and a 20mm laser logo on the side of the rubber sole which is highlighted by subtle color transfer from object dying. Fortune favors the brave.

Brand: Culture Of Brave

Model: Individual Courage Olive Men

Release: Available NOW