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Cheeky Matching Summer Kits for the Ladies from UNDZ

Posted by Polyester Jones on Jun 11th 2020

Cheeky Matching Summer Kits for the Ladies from UNDZ

UNDZ has just released some new matching bra and cheeky kits to set you up for success in summer 2020.

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Founded in 2010 and based in Montreal – the UNDZ team set out to create unique, affordable, yet quality underwear, designed for rebels everywhere. The company’s motto is simple…”Don’t trust a squirrel with your nuts”. Whether a onesie, a funsie, boxers, socks, briefs or swimwear, UNDZ offers up something special for all shapes and sizes.

How do you choose one kit from this collection of keepers? Flip a coin, that’s how! We chose tails and that happened to land on this groovy Bra and Cheeky 70 matching set. New for Summer 2020 these kits are cut from a high quality polyester/spandex blend. The ergonomically shaped band lays flat and stays in place for complete comfort while delivering support for sporting activities. Look hot and stay cool this summer with UNDZ.

Brand: UNDZ

Model: Bra 70, Cheeky 70

Release: Available NOW