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Brand Spotlight: We Focus On Fit, Fabric & Construction With PURPLE BRAND

Posted by Polyester Jones on Mar 15th 2022

Brand Spotlight: We Focus On Fit, Fabric & Construction With PURPLE BRAND

This week we take an up close look into PURPLE BRAND, a streetwear company that’s dedicated to blending industrial design with luxury fashion.

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Born in 2017 and based in Vancouver, Canada, PURPLE BRAND was founded by Rob Lo Hailing and Luke Cosby along with a collective of friends and industry veterans. PURPLE was built on the premise that innovation shouldn’t be limited to designer denim and the team spent several years traveling the world to find the right production partners to help create an accessible product with top-quality hardware, designer fits and innovative details. Today PURPLE is committed to innovation in product development with a particular emphasis on fit, fabric and construction. Every item made uses globally sourced high quality materials with all trim and hardware customized to further personalize each product. Countless trends and movements have come and gone, but one thing has largely remained the same: denim is the anchor of the modern man’s wardrobe and PURPLE is dedicated to keeping that anchor steadily positioned.

If you’re intrigued by PURPLE BRAND then you’re definitely down with premium denim. These Paint Over Light Bleach Jacquard Monogram Blue Denim Jeans are exactly that and more. The feature lined back pockets and yoke for comfort and to help keep their shape with wear and reinforced belt loops for durability. It’s important to note that each pair comes with a signature PURPLE hangtag and are finished individually by hand so no two items are the same. Respect!


Model: Paint Over Monogram Jeans

Release: Available NOW