WaistedUSA by tennis phenom, Parris Todd on TheDrop.com

Streetwear gets a feminine touch with WAISTED, created by tennis phenom Parris Todd, who designs fashionable styles that accentuate a woman’s waist and silhouette.

As Parris traveled the world playing tennis, she grew inspired by her exposure to other cultures, people and fashions from around the globe. Reflecting on these experiences, at the early age of twelve, she began to sketch what was missing in boutiques and department stores by combining her sporty on-court lifestyle that crossed over into her fun, worldly aesthetic.

With the hunger to achieve success, she began to create trendy and reasonably priced streetwear options by cutting, sewing, and flipping vintage items in her garage that led to designing her own unique waist wraps, to accentuate the waist and silhouette, that evolved into starting her own business enterprise, and the brand "Waisted" was born.

Heavily involved in the influencer community, it was second nature for Parris to host and star in photo shoots and collaborations across the United States that quickly gained popularity, and by customer demand, expanded into the elevated fashion streetwear brand and accessory line that it is today.