Krakatoa Underwear

krakatoa men's boxer briefs with the special sack for your balls on thedrop

After working more than 20 years making video games like Call of Duty, Transformers and Spider-Man, Alex Bortoluzzi, the founder of Krakatoa, decided it was time for a career change - and to create an underwear designed for people with balls. It didn't matter their age, skin color, sexual orientation or where they came from. What it really mattered was creating the perfect pair of underwear for us, guys. So I started with this in mind:

Life is better when what touches you matter.

The Krakatoa Anti-Gravity line was designed specifically for the ultimate comfort of your junk. Nothing else, nothing less, just what we need to be super comfy and supported while looking good (can't forget the looking good part!).

Have balls? You are in for a happy surprise.