8&9 Mfg Clothing company from the streets of Miami bringing a unique vibe of streetwear and skate lifestyle TheDrop

8&9 is an independent, Miami based streetwear brand. 8&9 products are stocked by over 250 streetwear shops, better boutiques and sneaker stores worldwide. Aesthetically 8&9 combines an aggressive anti-establishment attitude with quality design, classic sneaker color ways and re-appropriated pop culture references. It is heavily influenced by the beauty and grit of the Miami street scene.

8 and 9 mfg clothing company from miami specializing in streetwear for men on TheDrop

WHY 8&9?

Strength in numbers. Rooted in the symbolism of each digit 8 most often represents infinity, and 9 symbolizes perfection. For those refusing to settle, on a constant path of improvement, the quest for greatness, infinite perfection.