The Bad Dads Club Wants You

the bad dad's club brand of streetwear fashion for fathers on the drop

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Streetwear brand The Bad Dad’s Club has released some designs that will bring back memories and some that will create new ones. Scroll for more.

The Bad Dads Club creates clothing for cool parents and hip kids of all ages. All their products are made in America by dads for families around the world. The brand creates hats, shirts and other apparel that any Pops would be proud to rock.

There are so many winners in this latest collection it’s difficult to single out a favorite. It’s kinda like picking a favorite child. For the purpose of this page we’re gonna focus on this Dad Town T-Shirt. It’s a parody on the classic Dog Town skateboard design and it’s Dad to the bone!


Brand: The Bad Dad’s Club
Model: Dog Town T-Shirt
Release: Available NOW


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  • Eddie

    New dad need some gear

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