Snake or Be Snaked with the Wise Serpent Hoodies by La Familia

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La Familia is getting you ready for the takeover by our reptilian overlords with their new Wise Serpent Hoodie. 

With everyone distracted by killer robots and singularity, La Familia has their eyes focused on the real issue at hand, Reptilians. You might think I'm crazy, but what I do know is that it couldn't hurt your chances with our overlords by wearing them on your clothes during hoodie season.

These new Wise Serpent Hoodies by La Familia (in Black or Blue) are perfect to suck up to the new rulers of the world with a reptile on your chest or just to keep warm during light jacket season for you non-believers.

See detailed images and cop your fave by clicking below. 

***I'm not at all serious about the existence of reptilians, ya gullihillbillies***

Brand: LA Familia MMXIV
Model: Wise Serpent Hoodie - Black, Blue
Release: Available NOW
Price: $39.99


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