Piste Tri-Strap Chest Utility Bags by Official are the Bag You'll Need for 2019

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Official continues to kill it with their bags and may have set the new standard for the 2019 every day bag with these new Piste Tri-Strap Chest Utility Bags.

Streetwear trends come and go, but theres one that seems like it's here to stay for a while and thats the rise of the crossbody bag/fanny pack/shoulder bag. These can be seen everywhere from sneakerheads, streetwear OG's, and the lame ass "wait in line 24 hours for an $80 box tee" hypebeasts. 

Official recently dropped a new take on these bags with their new Piste Tri-Strap Chest Utility Bag that features an elastic tri-strap chest rig, dual molle loop nylon strap on the front for customization, and is made of nylon. This new bag is definitely a unique look and super functional, especially for travel, and comes in a variety of colors to go with whatever rags you've thrown on after finally getting out of those grimy sweats.

Check out some images below and click to cop. Peep here to see the rest of Official's full collection of bags and accessories

Brand: Official
Model: Piste Tri-Strap Chest Utility Bag - Black, Blue, Red, Desert Volt
Release: Available NOW
Price: $44

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