New Tryptic Series by Artist, Teddy Kelly

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Artist Teddy Kelly releases 3 new 'Tryptic' Series prints featuring plentiful splashes of color and intermingling geometric shapes.

Teddy Kelly's 3 new Tryptic Series prints are a breath of fresh air in a time where art and fashion have been recycling a lot of the same ideas recently. Prints are 24" x 24", individually signed & numbered, and all 100% museum quality on Velvet Summerset acid-free base paper. These are limited to 50 each so don't sleep on these home upgrade pieces.

Teddy Kelly is an artist and illustrator whose life and designs are the product of converging cultural influences. He grew up in Mazatlan, Mexico. He has been creating art since he could pick up a pen, drawing influence from both the Disney characters he’d see during childhood visits to the United States and his perspective of the immigrant-influenced culture of his hometown. Grew up immersed in the subculture of surfing and skateboarding, inspired from a young age by the skateboard art that defined this culture. Teddy moved to U.S. after high school in search of an education, and he was fortunate that he found a mentor and friend who taught him how to conceptualize his ideas. 

See detailed images below and pick up the set at the links provided.

Brand: Teddy Kelly
Model: Tryptic Series - #1, #2, #3
Release: Available NOW
Price: $65






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