Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger Drops New Carter Backpacks for 2019 Upgrade

new bags and backpacks from la brand mrkt mad rabbit kicking tiger on thedrop

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SoCal-based bag brand, Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger, just released a 2019 collection that will open your eyes to actual innovation and great design including the new Carter Backpacks.

Backpacks may be one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread. Just think about if they didn't exist for a minute. Every movie you went to watch at a theater, you'd be limited to only the snacks that you could fit inside your pockets (skinny jeans?) and in ya crotch region. Unless all you eat are tic-tacs, you're fucked.

Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger, or M.R.K.T. for short, has always designed bags focused more on great, unique design, new materials, and overall non-conformity to the basic backpacks we've been seeing over the years. For 2019 they've upgraded their Carter backpack design introducing a new material known as Metaweave Neo.

The Carter backpack, also available in a Mini, is a structural and form-fitting style that has a water-resistant exterior and a large capacity interior perfect for daily essentials. It is both versatile and low maintenance, making it a perfect choice for commuting to university or work. Features a removable tech sleeve.

Bonus: Comes with 2 zip felt pouches, assorted colors

Check out some images below and click for more details and to cop. To shop the rest of M.R.K.T.'s collection, including some deeply discounted older product, click here for TheDrop

Model: Carter Backpack Grey - Mini, Regular
Release: Available NOW
Price: $89-$110


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