If You Want to Catch These Tiger Tees, You Better Order by Sunday

everybodyskates tiger woods skateboarding tees and men's t-shirts in black and white on thedrop

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#EVERYBODYSKATES is taking pre orders for these masterful tiger inspired tees. According to the company, you need to put your order in by 4/28/19 and that’s this Sunday. 

About the Brand

Inspired by pop-culture, Alphonzo Rawls #EVERYBODYSKATES is an emerging brand built on parody aesthetic. Started as one skateboarder's creative passion, The company took flight on social media through a natural process of feeding a positive demand. The brand continues to be fueled by an organic progression unforced and propelled by the love of creating something people enjoy.

Unless you were sleeping under a rock, you know that Tiger made a triumphant return and won the Master’s a couple weeks back. To help signify this achievement, streetwear brand #EVERYBODYSKATES is releasing this series of 3 t-shirts. This drop appears to be a par 3 so it's hard to single out an ace. Why not catch three tigers by the tail and cop them all? 


Model: T Masters, T Nose Blunt Slide, T Grind
Release: Available NOW


  • Andrew Colvin

    I like new in different clothes

  • Andrew Colvin

    I like new in different clothes

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