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It’s time for the LacednLit Friday Focus where we take a deeper dive into some of the lesser known streetwear brands on the come up. This week we had a chance to sit down with Alex Slonevsky, the creator of Cult Brand.

About the Brand

Cult Brand began their movement in spring 2018. The NYC born and based streetwear company caters to the esoteric and sophisticated male and female follower, putting a strong emphasis on both art and culture.

Alex, what’s the story behind the name Cult Brand?

I’m not sure if there is a real story behind the name, but what I was looking for is some type of self fulfilling prophecy, you know, like build a brand the right way and establish a cult following. Cult Brand seemed like an obvious choice, but I liked it and just went with it.

I’m looking at your recent releases and I have to ask where do you get your influence from for your designs?

My designs come from my artistic background I was an art director for a while and I’m really into all things that are New York centric. Right now as you can see I’m all over the place and just trying to build the brand. In the future we will be releasing themed collections to help us get organized a bit more, but art is art. Sometimes it just happens. What you see in our collection is kind of like a sample of all the different directions we can go without any specific rhyme or reason.

Looks like you’re concentrating on tees and hats at the moment. Any plans to do other products?

Yes. I want to make this a complete product line, not just shirt and hats, but sweatshirts, hoodies, beanies and I have this idea for some industrial style work shirts. We just needed to crawl before we walked so yeah, plenty more on the way.

So speaking of brands are there any brands that inspired you in the past?

I was rocking what everyone else in New York was, you know Polo, Hilfiger, etc. Funny thing is back then we wore what we could afford and I couldn’t afford much. For example, I never had Air Jordans because I couldn't afford them and even if i could, I would have been shoeless in my school, if you know what I'm saying.

Don’t you think it’s amazing that those brands have made such a strong comeback?

It’s truly a renaissance, now that people have a little more money to spend they are gravitating back to what they wore back in the day.

What streetwear brands do you respect today?

I’m a big fan of Supreme of course. I don’t really wear Supreme, but I really respect how they started small and let the brand develop organically into what it is today. A couple others I follow are Rebel 8 and a new brand I saw on called Dope. I really dig their bold styles and use of color combinations.

Checking out your IG, you have some really great lifestyle images. My guess is lifestyle is a big influence for Cult Brand? 

Thank you and yes. Again it’s my background in art. We take great pride in our IG and are really digging deep into the platform. We update it at least a couple of times a day.

What other methods do you use to keep your brand fresh and relevant?

We’re trying to be a little more sophisticated in this space. You know...go a little bit further than just putting an AK47 on a sweatshirt. I mean no offense to brands going that route, but that’s been done again and again and the market seems to be oversaturated.

What’s something new coming down the pipeline that your band of Cult Brand followers can get pumped about? 

We’re looking forward to doing some really cool collaborations with artists. That’s a huge passion of mine and my hope is that people will embrace a more sophisticated approach to streetwear that is also influenced by the art scene.

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