Ewing Athletics Drops NEW Anthony Mason Tribute

anthony mason sneaker collab with ewing charlotte hornets tribute hi-top on thedrop

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NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte is upon us this weekend and Ewing Athletics has got the perfect pair of shoes for your throwback Hornets jersey, honoring the late Anthony Mason.

Starting Friday, February 15, the NBA will kick off the 2019 All-Star Weekend in Charlotte. The whole weekend will consist of a bunch of nonsense thats absolutely useless and not good as its hey-day, but I will probably be watching as usual. The ASW events are like the Jersey Shore of basketball, like its trash, but you'll probably tune in and enjoy a few things here and there. Be sure to catch Hasan Minhaj cross up Dr. Oz or Luke Cage yam on a little person. I told you its like Jersey Shore!

I digress with this nonsense rant from the honoring of late Anthony Mason with these dope Charlotte Hornet inspired tributes. Ewing and Mason were former teammates on the stupid, stupid Knicks and were quite a force in the front court. It makes sense for the brand to memorialize the big man with this Ewing CONCEPT featuring his name on the back and his number with hornets wings under a halo. 

Check out some images below and click to cop. For more of Ewing's complete collection click here for TheDrop. 

Brand: Ewing Athletics
Model: CONCEPT x Anthony Mason Tribute
Release: Available NOW
Price: $140



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