About Us launched in 2017 with the sole purpose of bringing the global Streetwear industry into one centralized destination & experience. 

In the last few years, the biggest retailers who focused on 'seasonal' trends have fallen behind, giving way to real-time trends driven all types of celebrity Influencers. New Brands are being born every day and all want to be 'the next Supreme' - selling direct to the customer and dropping limited edition micro-collections every 15-30 days. An industry now valued at $175 Billion, globally, is now rapidly evolving but also leaving the customer in search of a single destination to find the Staple, Adidas, or Jordan's that they already love, but also a place where they can learn about the next generation of brands like Clearweather, Brandblack, and SNKR Project, or even rediscover some of the retro drip from Ewing, Diadora and others coming back strong. Where is the Spotify or FarFetch for the Millennial and Gen Z fashion enthusiasts?

Enter, the first global marketplace where 100's of brands not only are able to sell direct to Customers within a niche 'retail' environment, but where they, for the first time ever, can share the unique stories behind their brand and collections - stories that ultimately define them as a Brand and which create emotional connections that turn first time Customers into passionate, life-long fans of a Brand.